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January 10, 2009

Install Fedora Core 6

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Install medium:

  • 5 pieces of Fedora Core 6 Installation CD
  • Disk 1 is the boot disk, while Disk 2 to 5 contains the packages that can be installed. So it will depend on the Package Selection to see which CD will be needed.


  1. Select Graphic Install
  2. Skip CD defect test
  3. Language selection, select “english”
  4. Keyboard selection, select “us english”
  5. Make partition
  6. Boot loader selection
  7. Network configuration
    1. disable DHCP and IPV6
    2. set host name “testserver”
    3. set static IP
    4. set mask
    5. set gateway
    6. set primary DNS
    7. set secondary DNS
  8. Timezone selection, select KL
  9. Set root account, password as “testserver” (minimum 6 characters)
  10. Package selection. Warning! Fedora Core 6 installation CD has bug at this stage, it is recommended to to continue the installation without select anything, don’t click anything other than “next” else it will crash. We can always install the packages after the installation.
  11. Start installation
  12. After installation and reboot, user needs to set firewall, date time, SELINUX and also create another system user
  13. Finish

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