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February 20, 2009

How to share out a SATA hard disk in Fedora

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Recently I have mounted a 500GB SATA hard disk into a Fedora Core 4 computer. Everything seems OK, the system can detect the hard disk, and I can mount the hard disk to a directory.

However when I try to share out the mounted folder using samba, I cannot mount the shared folder from other computer. It keeps saying no such shared folder or something similar.

After few hours of googling, I finally found the reason. It is caused by the SELinux feature of Fedora Core 4 (or other versions of Fedora). Once I disable the SELinux feature, I can mount the shared folder from other computer without any trouble.

To disable the SELinux feature, use this command:

setenforce 0

To disable it permenantly, edit the following file:

/etc/sysconfig/selinux for FC4 and FC6

/etc/selinux/config for FC9

change selinux=disabled


February 6, 2009

How to install Windows Update through Autopatcher

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The usual ways of installing Windows Update is pathetic. Either you are using Automatic Update, or using Windows Update through Internet Explorer, you need to hook your PC to Internet. It is not a big deal but each time you install the update, you need to download the update from Internet and the update cannot be reused. So when you reinstall your PC, or you want to update a few PC, you need to download the updates all over again for each PC. It surely is waste of Internet bandwidth and time.

Autopatcher is a software that can save the updates to your PC and of course install the updates offline in a range version of Windows (2000, XP SP2, XP SP3, 2003 and even Vista). Originally it can be downloaded with the bundle of updates, but until year end 2007, it is banned from releasing such bundle by Microsoft. However the last bundle, Autopatcher August 2007, is still exist on the Internet, and it can be easily googled out.

There are a few methods to start using Autopatcher, but either way you need to download Autopatcher Updater zip file first and extract it to a folder where you want to put your updates (lets called the folder as Autopatcher Folder). Autopatcher Updater is used to download the latest updates from the Internet and update the Autopatcher itself:

  1. Straight away run Autopatcher Updater, tick those updates that you want and continue.
  2. Or download Autopatcher August 2007 first, extract it to Autopatcher Folder, and put the Autopatcher Updater inside the Autopatcher Folder as well, then run the Autopatcher Updater. The updater will only download those updates which are incomplete or not exist, and so you will not need to download the updates that released before August 2007.
  3. Or for Windows XP, install Service Pack 3 before run Autopatcher Updater, then tick the updates for Windows XP SP3 and continue. This way you will not need to download updates that exist in SP3.

After the Autopatcher Updater finished running, you then can execute Autopatcher to install the updates to your PC. Then to update another PC, just copy over the Autopatcher Folder, or share the folder on the LAN, or burn it to a CD (or DVD). No need to download the update or even connect to the Internet. To update the Autopatcher bundle of update, just run Autopatcher Updater again.

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