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May 24, 2009

Change Oracle 10g edition in Linux

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Because of licensing problem or funtionality problem, we might need to convert Oracle 10g from certain edition to another, for example from Enterprise to Standard or vice versa. The edition is decided during the installation, so we need to reinstall it. Steps below is assuming the Oracle is installed following steps here:

  1. Shutdown the database using command “service dbora stop”.
  2. Remove ORACLE_HOME directory using command “rm -rf /opt/oracle/10gR2”. Or you can rename it by using command “mv /opt/oracle/10gR2 /opt/oracle/10gR2_bk”.
  3. Then install the Oracle by using the Oracle Installer, and remember to select the right edition (refer here).
  4. Edit “/opt/oracle/10gR2/bin/dbstart” and “/opt/oracle/10gR2/bin/dbshut”, change the line below (else the listener will not start), (refer from here)
  5. After the installation, the database cannot be start because the database parameter file does not exist in the new installation. So we need to run SQLPLUS using command “sqlplus / as sysdba”, and execute the following statement:
    create spfile from pfile='parameter_file_location';
  6. Re-setup listener and tnsname using command “netmgr”, or copy over the tnsname.ora and listener.ora from the backup ORACLE_HOME directory (located at $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin).
  7. Start the database using command “service dbora start”.

Refer here to check out the edition of Oracle.


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