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June 20, 2009

Tools to access Firebird database

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In my last post, I have recommended to use Firebird as database of standalone application. While to access or administrate the database, we can use tools like Flamerobin. However we need to do something before can use the tools:

  1. Download Flamerobin from its website, I recommend to download the zip version.
  2. Download Firebird database embedded edition (zip file as well) from its website if not yet.
  3. Extract Flamerobin into a directory, then extract the following files to the same directory from the firebird database zip file:
    1. fbembed.dll
    2. firebird.conf
    3. firebird.msg
    4. icudt30.dll
    5. icuin30.dll
    6. icuuc30.dll
  4. Execute Flamerobin by double click flamerobin_ansi.exe or flamerobin_unicode.exe (which ever).
  5. You can see a tree directory with a localhost node. If you are running a server edition database, you straight away connect the database by adding new database. But if you are using embedded edition, you need to right click on the locahost node, click server registration info and clear off the hostname field.

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