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June 25, 2009

Add header to printout in HPUX using JetDirect

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In HPUX, we use LP command to print text file, for example lp -dprt1 printme.txt, where prt1 is the LP destination name (or also known as queue name) and printme.txt is the file to be printed.

If the print server used is a HP JetDirect, we can set the printout header using the HPPI utility:

  1. Install the HP JetDirect  Installer (in HPUX 11iv3, the installation file is named as HP11e134.SD).
  2. Then copy /usr/spool/lp/model/hp2560 to /opt/hpnpl/sh.
  3. Run HPPI (HP Printer Installer) by typing hppi or /opt/hpnpl/bin/hppi.
  4. Select option 1 (Spooler Administration) then option 1 again (Add printer to local spooler).
  5. Type in print server IP address.
  6. Type in the LP destination name (option 1) then select option 5 (additional printer configuration).
  7. Type in hp2560 in Model Script (option 1, there is actually a list of model script for you to select but you won’t find hp2560 in the list) then continue for the rest.
  8. Finally you can find a file named exactly like the queue name in /etc/lp/interface/model.orig. You can add or modify a function called do_banner() in order to add a customized printout header.

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