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August 28, 2009

How to Download Microsoft Web Platform Products

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Microsoft Web Platform is a web installer software for products like:

  1. Visual Web Developer
  2. SQL Server Express
  3. Silverlight Tools
  4. IIS and ASP.NET Extensions and others

My target is download SQL Server Express 2008 installer and do a offline install. This is how it works:

  1. Go to MSDN download page.
  2. Download and install Microsoft Web Platform.
  3. Then choose to install SQL Server Express 2008 from the download page, skip the register and continue.
  4. Web Platform should be auto executed, then close the Web Platform.
  5. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\[User]\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Web Platform Installer
  6. Open a file called productCache2.0.0.5.xml using your favorite editor.
  7. Look for the <installerItems>, each product mentioned above should have 1 of these tags so you need to pick the one you want to install. For SQL Server Express 2008, you can see something like <eulaURL></eulaURL&gt;.
  8. Check out the <installerURL> tag, which contain the installer actual URL, for SQL Server Express 2008 it is
  9. Download the installer using the URL you found, then double click it to install the product.

To offline install Visual Studio Express without download the whole image file, you might refer here.


August 22, 2009

Schedule Your Website to Run PHP File

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To schedule your website to run a particular PHP file (to email or some other things):

  1. Go to your website control panel
  2. Go to Cron Job (it is the scheduler in Linux system)
  3. Usually you can choose GUI method or coding method to set the schedule
  4. You need to set the minutes, hours, dates, months and weekdays
  5. For the command to be run:
    lynx -dump
    lynx is the command to execute the PHP file
  6. Usually you can key in the email to be sent when the scheduler execute the commands

August 15, 2009

Setup Blackberry as Modem (Maxis)

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  1. Connect your Blackberry to your laptop
  2. Run the Blackberry Desktop program
  3. At Control Panel\Phone & Modem Options, under Modems tab, you should see a “Standard Modem” on a COM4 or something. It should appear after you install Blackberry Desktop.
  4. Go to the properties of “Standard Modem”, under Advance tab, add the following code under Extra initialization commands:
  5. Create a new Modem Connection using the “Standard Modem”.
  6. Dial up User name and password:
    User Name
    Dialing no

August 8, 2009

Add Tomcat Virtual Directory

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In Apache Tomcat, if we want to add a sub directory into an url, such as, we will normally create a new directory at the [tomcat]\webapp directory, and put in the necessary web pages.

However if we need to put the web pages outside webapp, then we need to create a virtual directory in Tomcat:

  1. Go to [tomcat]\conf\Catalina\localhost (version that I used is 5.5).
  2. Create a xml file, named it as the name of the directory that store your web pages, for example subdir.xml.
  3. Put in the following code (assume your directory is c:\subdir):
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Context path="/subdir" docBase="c:/subdir" debug="0" privileged="true"></Context>
  4. Now you can access the site

It is also possible to point the virtual directory to a shared folder of another machine:

<Context path="/subdir" docBase="//" debug="0" privileged="true"></Context>

Beware that the directory that you point must have the web pages, as lease an index.html. Or else it will just show out no resource error message (will not list out the content of the directory).

August 1, 2009

Setup Oracle Replication (Part 4: 3 Tiers Replication)

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3 tiers replication means: after you setup a master site server and a MV site server, you then setup another MV site server that replicate from the middle tier MV site server. Reasons why we want to do this include:

  1. If you have several servers need to be setup as MV site servers, replicate from middle tier MV site server might able to lower the resource consumption on the master site server.
  2. Because setup a MV site server need the master site server to be static (no data changes during the setup), it might be unpractical for stopping the users from using the master site server. Make use a middle tier MV site server might be a solution for such situation, just stop the refresh job on it.

Steps to setup a 3 tiers replication:

  1. Setup the Master Site Server.
  2. Setup the Middle Tier MV Site Server.
  3. At the Middle Tier MV Site Server, create Materialized View Log on necessary tables:
    create materialized view log on [table name];
  4. Setup the Third Tier MV Site Server, and treat the Middle Tier MV Site Server as the Master Site Server.

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