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July 9, 2010

How to Offline Update Symantec Antivirus Definition in Redhat

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There is some huge differences between Windows version and Linux version of Symantec Endpoint Protection (in Linux only known as Symantec Antivirus, SAV). After install the antivirus at Linux, you can see the antivirus tray icon at your task bar. If you double click it, it will show a small GUI with the Live Update function only. To scan virus you can only use command such as sav manualscan. Further more you are unable to run the sav utility directly since it is located at /opt where you either need to add the location to the path variable or create a link to the sav utility (or simple change directory to /opt to run it).

However the point of this post is to troubleshoot the problem when using the Symantec Linux version offline virus definition update file. The file is so called UNIX version, which can be used in Linux. It is simply a 100 plus MB shell file which will do everything for you, almost. I faced 2 problems when running the file in Redhat 5.3:

  1. Missing of uncompress command
  2. Missing of uudecode command

The uncompress command is actually a short hand of gzip -d. So to solve this problem:

  1. Create a file called uncompress at /bin
  2. put “gzip -d $1” (exclude the double quotation) inside the file
  3. grant execute right to the file (chmod +x uncompress)
  4. Solved

For the uudecode command, it is within the shareutil package where might not installed by default. Look for it at the installation disc or install from internet.


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