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June 8, 2011

Rebuild Partition after Change Hard Disk in Disk Array of HPUX Machine

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A little experience on dealing with Disk Array in HPUX machine to be shared.

It is happened at an old HPUX machine with disk array attached. After 2 of the hard disks in the disk array are being replaced, the new hard disks cannot be seen in SAM. To discover back the missing hard disks, issue the following command:

armdiscover <array alias>

After the command, you should able to see the hard disks in SAM, and even can see the unmounted partitions. However you wouldn’t able to do anything with it, either mount it, remove it or recreate it. You should get some errors like “can’t find /dev/dsk/cxtxdx”. Then issue the following command:

armdsp -s <array alias>

This command will show the hard disks path in the disk array. You will see that the path is not the same inside the error. The unmounted partitions are actually still referring to the old hard disk path, where you need to remove it using the following command:

vgreduce -l /dev/vgxx /dev/dsk/cxtxdx

You must include “-l” in the command to remove the missing path. After that you need to add back the actual hard disk path either using SAM or vgextend command, and everything should be back to normal.


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