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August 12, 2011

Make Tomcat Auto Start in Linux

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Here is another method to install tomcat startup script in Linux (there is another method in my earlier post)

  1. Download tomcat and rename the file name from tomcat.doc to tomcat only (remove the extension)
  2. Put the file under /etc/inid.d
  3. Give execute privilege to the file (chmod +x /etc/init.d/tomcat)
  4. Adjust 2 parameters in the file, TOMCAT and JAVA_HOME.
  5. Add the file into service list (chkconfig ––add tomcat)
  6. Done!
Now you can double check whether tomcat is inside your service list or not by using “chkconfig ––list tomcat”. To start or stop tomcat, simply “service tomcat start” and “service tomcat stop”.

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