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February 24, 2013

Enable SSH at ESX Host

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In newer version of ESX such as version 5, you have the option to enable the SSH daemon from the console menu (console directly from the host). However for older version like version 3, you need to do some tricks for it to happen:

  1. At the console, hit Alt+F1
  2. You will enter into console terminal, but you won’t see any prompt. Just key in “unsupported” (without quote) and press enter.
  3. Now you can see the prompt, edit /etc/inetd.conf using any editor (vi or nano)
  4. Look for the line with ssh, uncomment it.
  5. Exit from editor, then you need to stop the inetd process by killing it.
    1. Issue ps|grep inetd
    2. Find out the inetd process id and kill it using kill <process id>
  6. Start the inetd daemon by issuing the command inetd

Now you should able to connect the ESX host through SSH.

Reference: Get full control over your ESXi Server


August 29, 2010

Enable Telnet and SSH at HPUX

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Aside from access through console port, HPUX like other Unix or Linux, can be accessed through Telnet or SSH. If some how you cannot access your HPUX through these 2 methods, it may be either the service is not started or the firewall of the machine blocking your way. Solutions below are tried at HPUX 11.3.

To start the Telnet Service:

  1. Edit /etc/inetd.conf, search for keyword “telnet”
  2. If you see the line is commented (hash in front), uncomment it by removing the hash sign
  3. Issue command “inetd -c” to reconfigure, now the telnet service should be up.

However if you still unable to access through Telnet, try to disable the firewall by issuing this command:

ipfilter -d

In my case, after doing these 2 solutions, I able to access through either telnet or ssh.

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